Friday, December 5, 2008

Strangers May Cheer You Up, Study Says

How happy you are may depend on how happy your friends’ friends’ friends are, even if you don’t know them at all.

And a cheery next-door neighbor has more effect on your happiness than your spouse’s mood.

So says a new study that followed a large group of people for 20 years — happiness is more contagious than previously thought.“Your happiness depends not just on your choices and actions, but also on the choices and actions of people you don’t even know who are one, two and three degrees removed from you,” said Dr. Nicholas A. Christakis

Contagious Happiness

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"I can't suddenly tell you
all the things I should tell you --
pardon me, friend, you'll understand
that though you don't hear a word
I never burst into tears or dozed off,
but I am with you without ever seeing you,
time out of mind, till the end. ... "

For Everybody
Pablo Neruda