Monday, March 23, 2009

healing power of forgetfulness

My grandmother's Alzheimer’s healed the family — and her.

I hadn’t expected to discuss my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s with him. I was hoping to hear some explanation as to why, apart from her memory, my grandmother’s overall health seemed so mysteriously improved. Her lupus, for instance, had all but disappeared from her blood work.

“Yes, but ...” I began.

“Well, there is a theory,” he said, interrupting, “that people with Alzheimer’s heal themselves of their diseases. Because they forget they have them.”

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Best Made Plans

Sometimes we plan, and the plans we made fall apart. The things we thought would be, are not. The very careful plans we laid down just seem to fall apart at the seams. Things fall apart because there are larger forces at work in this world. Your life is part of a greater Life. Your reality interfaces and connects with a greater reality. You don’t live on a karmic island. Your karma is entwined with everyone else’s to one degree or another. The circumstances of your birth determine to a large degree the ways in which your karma interconnects with that of your family, community, country and even the world.
One of the keys to successful living is to attune yourself with the inner reality of the moment. Usually we’re attuned to our desires: what we want and hope for. Yet when attuned to our desires we often miss the bigger karmic picture. We miss larger karmic factors swimming around us. Attuning yourself to the karmic purpose driving the circumstances of your life is a challenge. In meditation or waking time, dream of your greater purpose. Imagine the greater purpose for your community, and then reflect on the ways in which you can support that greater purpose. What kind of positive energy can you contribute?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Positive attitude delays ageing

Is ageing inevitable?
You may not be as young as you feel, but research has found that a positive attitude may delay the ageing process.

The University of Texas found people with an upbeat view of life were less likely than pessimists to show signs of frailty.

The researchers say their findings suggest psychosocial factors - as well as genes and physical health - play a role in how quickly we age.

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