Monday, July 27, 2009

Energy generator

You are meant to thrive. Your right to prosper is as natural a part of this beautiful Earth as the flowers that bloom in the spring and the apples that ripen in the fall. And you are as natural as a silent snowflake and as focused as a bolt of lightning. You are calm and you are tempestuous. You are new and you are old. You are everything. You have the ability to think about yourself apart from the rest of life, a quality that separates you from all other life forms on this planet and enables you to be a conscious creator.

I am an energy generator. Positive energies including ideas, enthusiasm and joy now fill and inspire me to positive action!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All is energy

All is energy. You are energy, and so is your bed, your dinner and your thoughts. Money is also energy. When we feel depleted, money may not flow as we want it to. Make it your business to build your physical energy through exercise, rest, good nutrition and connection with nature. Build your emotional energy through cultivating a feeling of connection with life – with people, ideas, the arts, nature. As you build your energy, you attract opportunities to yourself. Keep a special note pad and write down every new idea and contact. As these ideas and contacts build, you will be inspired to actions, which result in increased prosperity for you and those around you.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rest Easy

Rest easy knowing that you are on the wheel of life. The wheel keeps turning, day in, day out. Some days you're on the upside of the wheel; some days on the downside. Within any given day the wheel is constantly moving. Some hours are up and some down. Sometimes the wheel moves quickly and it's up and down cycles flow in mere minutes.
The energy of thought is the axis upon which your wheel turns. Bring your focus into the center of your wheel, your mind. Focus on peace and calm. Know that even as the wheel of life moves around you, your mind keeps you focused and steady, enabling you to reap benefits from your current situation.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Take Time for You!

Be good to yourself. Rest, relax and sleep are all important components of building an increased sense of well being. Eat well and often. Give yourself the gift of the freshest foods you can find. Get outside and walk, exercise or just sit and enjoy the fresh air. And find something to laugh about, even if it's you! Laughter strengthens your body's immune system and produces a natural high.