Sunday, November 22, 2009


You enjoy helping others prosper. The people who walk into and through your life can also bring you increased prosperity. Be open to this idea! Speak about your desires. Share your needs and goals with like-minded friends and acquaintances and you open the door to people bringing opportunities into your world.

fear and anxiety constrict life

It is inevitable fear and anxiety will arise for they are part of being human. How I choose to experience them makes the difference. First, I practice recognizing the faces of fear and anxiety. Fear is not receptive. Fear is rock hard and ice cold. Fear doesn’t let warm energy in. Second, I distance myself enough that I realize “ah, that is the face of fear”. And finally, I embrace fear, as I would embrace a frightened child. I whisper into the face of fear; kind words of encouragement and love. And sure enough the face of fear softens, warms and opens. Constriction gives way to expansion.

laugh away stress

Laughter is a powerful stress reducer. As humor crops up, irritations and resentments slip away. When we laugh, we breathe deeply, and stress flows away.
When serious and difficult issues are at hand remind yourself to take a deep breath, step back, and discover humor in your circumstances. To do this successfully, don’t take yourself so seriously! Transformation comes with time and practice.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Harvest Thoughts

Sometimes we become fixed on the particular way and form in which we want something to manifest. When this happens we can get stuck. For example, if I want a piece of fruit and I fix my mind on an apple, but life brings me grapes and oranges, can I open myself to enjoy the grapes and oranges, or will I be unhappy because I didn’t receive an apple? The challenge is to enjoy the luscious sweetness of the fruit. Keeping the mind open to the many ways in which your needs can be met and fulfilled is a key to keeping your energetic field open to new opportunities, new relationships, new connections and new sources of prosperity.


I am filled with gratitude for the abundant luscious fruits of life now freely manifesting!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The more you focus on something,
the more of that kind of energy
you'll manifest.