Sunday, October 31, 2010

thought forms

When you focus intently on a desire or goal, you create a thought form of that desire. Initially the thought form is like a balloon, a thin empty vessel.  It is a vessel for both your energy and like energy you attract through your repeated thoughts, words, feelings and beliefs. Repeated focus on the desire, and the thought form grows in strength and intensity. The more positive your feelings and thoughts about it, the more positive the charge you build and the more positive your results.
I am filled with gratitude as ____________(your desire) is now manifesting!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

open the door and prosperity flows

 But how do I identify and then open the door? 

The door of opportunity appears out of a haze of general desires when you focus your intent on a particular goal.  Once focused, your desires have great magnetic pull on the world around you. People, things and opportunities will be drawn to you as the river of life flows gently and easily. Look at life from different points of view to identify opportunities!

With my goals well focused, I now see many wonderful opportunities!