Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Create a vacuum

When you are seeking something or someone, and it isn’t appearing, ask yourself: What do I need to do to make room for this in my life?  When you need new clothes, and your wardrobe is overflowing, there is no room for the new.  Take stock; clear out all the items that no longer fit.  Give them away, pass them along, sell them. Recycle!  Keep the energy moving.  In this way you open a passage through which the new can appear.  The same holds true for ideas.  When you are creating something new, be willing to let go of your old ideas.  Open your mind to the unexpected.  Experiment. Allow yourself to explore new forms. The same genius which inspired your last project will drive this one as well. Trust yourself!

My mind and heart are open; new life is flowing richly and abundantly through my thoughts and actions.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Creating new things in life often involves changing existing conditions, situations or circumstances . And change can seem daunting when current conditions are well established. Is there a stable or well-established situation you may need to change in order to create something new in your life? If so, what feelings come up around making such a change?

Everything and every experience has value.  Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of things that have had value.  Releasing the old to make room for the new does take great courage.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

control -er -ing -ed

Sometimes I make mistakes, which result in me feeling I’ve lost control of a situation. Other times I seem to do everything right. 
Am I in control?
Reflecting on control, I’m reminded that personal control is an illusion. Control is always in the hands of the One Life.  The best I can do is to do my part, do my best, and then let go. Let go into the Flow.  Letting go includes releasing worry.

I live within the One Life which is always in expression producing perfect results.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I think; I vibrate.   
Naturally I attract thoughts, people and things of like vibration.
Be purposeful in your thoughts. Focus your goals, and let your thoughts reflect your desires. Visualize your goals realized, and as you do, fill them with love. For love is the power of attraction manifest.
I love this day, my breath and my life!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I’ve been observing that the more friendly I am, the more friendly are others.
I am now practicing being what I want to attract.
Be love, love shows up.
Be kind, kindness is present.
Be understanding, and I am understood.
I am centered in Love and Love is manifesting abundantly here now.
(replace Love with any quality you’d like more of today)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

opening heart

My heart is opening. 
My heart has arms that open wide and accept and embrace all of creation, all of my reality. 
And my heart is big enough that I can also embrace change, what is to come. 
This feels incredibly good!
My heart is open, my mind is free, life’s rich abundance is easy to see.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

chatter mind

Today I’m thinking about using affirmations, and why they are so effective.
My mind habitually makes things up – engages in chatter. It’s the “monkey mind” the Buddhists talk about.  When I direct the chatter. I harness my mental energy.  Instead of my thought energy dissipating through an unfocused stream or downward spiraling whirlpool of ideas, I get focused.  At the same time I attract like energies to myself.
Today I choose to focus on thoughts that embody my ideals and goals!