Monday, March 28, 2011


I’ve been encased in a shell of fixed feelings. Repeatedly reacting in the same way to various triggers and experiencing the same set of feelings is stifling.  Now the shell is loosening. Disconcerting disconnecting from the familiar feelings. Uncomfortable parting with my old ways of reacting. Discomfort continues, until separation occurs. Suddenly, I’m free. I feel the thrill of discovering new territory, of experiencing a new way of being.

I shed my old skin and am vulnerable, soft and radiant.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

break time

When things get to be too much just take a break. Here are some ways to take time out:
-Lie down on your back. Inhale and exhale deeply ten times. Keep your focus on your breath, and your back. Focusing on your breath stay put for five minutes
-Laugh out loud, at nothing in particular, for one full minute.
-For three full minutes gaze at a flower. Take in every detail you can. If you have one, use a magnifying glass.
-Dance to your favorite music for ten minutes
-Take a twenty-minute walk, outside. Note how many natural sounds you hear. There is always the wind…
-Remember your favorite vacation. Visualize yourself taking a wonderful vacation that becomes your new favorite.


I am fully present in this glorious moment.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

ripple effect

This morning I was thinking about the finite quality of life. How many years I have to live on this planet, and what I can do to contribute to the good of humanity in that time. How do I want to plan my life to be an agent for love, peace and health?  Thinking about wanting to do as much as possible in the time I have here, I realized that my life is extended when I touch others through good works. When they are touched, they change, then their actions change, and they contribute love, peace and health to others.  The bigger my game, the more people are touched, the further my efforts will go.  I touch one person, they touch two, the two touch 4, the 4 touch 16, the 16 touch 256, the 256 touch 65536 and so on. Maybe not all people touched will receive, maybe not all will share. But the potential in this rippling effect is tremendous.

Boundless opportunities to be love and be of service are now manifesting  

Monday, March 14, 2011


Sometimes giving is a great way to open the flow of prosperity.
I think of life as being in a constant state of flow. Like the water in a river, or the blood in your veins, when it’s flowing, life is abundant.  When you give you are in the flow. Give freely what you have a lot of. And then stretch and give what you don’t have a lot of.  The stretch helps you grow.
Giving is a powerful action that opens the door for more good to flow to you and everyone. When I give I benefit others, contribute to the good of the whole, and I keep myself in the flow.


My heart is open, my mind is free; life’s rich abundance is manifesting for me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Sometimes a change in weather creeps up on me.  Changing moods are like the weather. Seeing weather develop requires distance. When trees obscure the clouds I can see only part of the sky. When the horizon is open, no trees, houses or telephone poles, I can see the weather rolling in.  Taking a break from distractions to clear my mental landscape enables me to see myself and become aware of my emotions.


The sun rises from behind clouds, illuminating my mental landscape.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I need more time! I need time to: complete tasks; think; rest; play; produce; visit; connect; laugh; read; accomplish.  It seems there is a finite amount of time: 24 hours in a day; seven days in a week, twelve months in a year.  When I stay in the consciousness that time is limited, I experience time as limited. And then I feel limited and pine for more time.  My experience of time does change with my emotions and moods.  Sometimes I’m stuck in a loooong day of minutes and hours that tick by slowly. Other days the time flies and too quickly I meet the end of the day.
I’ve been thinking about how I can stretch time. How can I fit more in when the to do list is especially long. One practice that has been working is to ignore time and focus on the task.  I focus on the task, not the amount of time it takes. I like this approach because it eliminates pressure, that sense that someone is breathing down my neck.  All of my attention is freed up to focus on the task. I am less distracted and more productive.

In this now moment I am fully alive, energized and productive!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

it all comes together

Envision the best possible outcome, and it will manifest.
The truth is that when I have envisioned the best possible outcome, and I breathe life into that vision, it does manifest. How do I breathe life into my vision? First I focus my intention, and then sustain the focus.  I focus on my desire. I cultivate a deep rooted longing for my vision. Then, I give 100% attention to the vision and commit to achieving it. I open my heart and mind to the people around me and talk about my vision with clarity and courage. Doubt and fear are sacrificed on the altar of Intent.  With doubt and fear left in the dust, forward movement is easy.  I harness my enthusiasm. Enthusiasm from the Greek and Latin, means possessed by a god/ having a god within.  Enthusiasm marks the moments that I am filled with Spirit.  Focusing my attention on my goal, and knowing that it can and will be realized, increases my enthusiasm.
I am filled with enthusiasm and am attracting perfect results now!