Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I don’t want to see what is really there; I want to see what I want to be there. And then, something changes. Maybe it’s that I’ve banged my head against the wall enough times. Finally I realize I’m bumping into my own projections.
With courage and an open heart, I move forward to see what’s really there. I see myself first and clearly. Then I’m able to see the truth about my situation. Things are easy to see when I drop the veil of projections and accept the truth of this moment. In this moment the truth I claim: I am alive, I am love, I am complete here and now!


With crystal clarity I see the truth in this situation and the truth sets me free!

Monday, April 25, 2011

cycles redux

For everything there is a time and a season. A time to be busy up to my eyeballs in tasks and a time to put it all down and take a nap; a time to rebuild my health and a time to play and not count calories; a time to step up productivity with tension and intensity and a time to let others do the work; a time to share my favorite book and a time to receive a new novel; a time to give love and a time to receive love. The give and take of life flows like the mobius strip. I feel connected with life and a sense of rightness through all cycles by identifying, accepting and working with the looping flow.


I am complete in this perfect ever-changing moment.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

from my mother

“I think every voice and every prayer is heard. We must always maintain that positive attitude, the faith that every voice is heard.
We’re not in charge. We have to continue the faith, petition for what we want. God is on our side, the forces of good are on our side.
When God lets loose the angel of death it knows no distinctions. Life is forfeited and cleansed.”

"Get rid of all those things from Pandora’s box. Try not to be that way, send in love and positive thinking.
Don’t be so spiritually minded that you’re no earthly good.
Responsibility is what we have to do, lovingly and without greed."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

love with open hands

To prosper in love, be love; embody and radiate the love you wish to receive.
When I love openly and freely, without pressure or stress, the object of my affection is drawn towards me.  Loving connects me with that which I love.
But when in an attempt to get love I grasp for something or someone, I will repel it.

I am filled with love, radiating love, and naturally attracting my beloved.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I am love

Loving comes in all forms and patterns.
Let me count the things I love: art, music, rocks, skies, wind, breath, kindness, eyes, voice, touch, sounds, flowers, cats, horses, dogs… and so much more. What if I made an ongoing list of the things I love. Every day my challenge is to add more to the list. Every day I remember, discover, and uncover more of what I love. Its possible to grow love, to build love, to unfold love and to radiate love through all circumstances.


I am love through all experience, all relationships, all circumstances. I am love.