Monday, May 30, 2011


Whatever I give my attention to will show up abundantly in my life. If my attention is on lack – “I don’t have enough money, food, time, love, thoughtfulness, caring” – then I will have plenty of not enough.
When my attention is on feeling grateful for what is showing up: I am grateful for the supply here and now, I am grateful for love, I am grateful for this moment, I am grateful for this food, I am grateful for that smile – then more shows up.
I’m engaged in a mindfulness exercise. Every two hours I check in with myself to see what I’m thinking. I’m discovering how much of my thinking is focused on lack and fear, and how much on gratitude and abundance. When I’m thinking lack, I gently turn my mind to gratitude.  I am tenderly reminding myself to keep my focus on gratitude. Gratitude opens the door to the abounding river of life.

I am grateful for this moment, for tender love, for plenty of time, for living abundantly.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I love the rain

A new friend wrote a wonderful blog post ( about loving what you don’t like.
After a week of rainy weather at home, I was away in bright sunshine this weekend, at a leadership retreat in Vacaville CA with Terces and Matthew Englehart and forty other beautiful people. I was so happy to escape the week of rainy days.  Just now there was a strange tapping sound and I went to the window to discover more rain, heavy rain falling now. It’s becoming a bit of a joke, all this rain. This weather is helping me embrace Karin’s blogged message: loving what I don’t like is a path to self-acceptance and self-transformation. So I am now embracing this downpour. I love the rain. I love the sound of the rain, I love that rain nourishes the earth and washes away the old. I love that at the end of the rain the sun will shine and feel so good.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

increasing prosperity

Use the power of ten to increase prosperity today. Repeat one or more of these affirmations in the mirror ten times as you look into your eyes: -
-       I am a money magnet, naturally attracting large sums of cash to me now
-       Infinite supply is now easily flowing into my hands.
-       I am in this perfect place at this perfect time experiencing perfect results!
-       This is my time to prosper greatly!
 I am grateful for abundant supply manifesting in all areas of my life now!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

getting it all done

Rushing through a long list of tasks isn’t much fun. Today I had an incredibly long list of things to do and time seemed short. As I rushed through the tasks, I watched the clock and strained to get as much done as possible. I am bringing myself into the present by not worrying about outcomes and working on trusting that everything that needs to get done will.


I am focused and productive in this perfect moment, and excellent results manifest now.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

feeling insight

Feelings involve direct perception. As I feel, I’m experiencing my subconscious and superconscious natures. As I think, I’m focused in my conscious mind.  Sometimes feelings come from the light within. Other times they grow out of dark thoughts. When exploring my feelings, I seek to uncover their beginnings. Am I intuiting the truth about this person or situation? Or am I dissatisfied with someone or something, because I didn’t get what I wanted out of it/them and am creating negative feelings about that? 


With crystal clarity my intuition now reveals the truth about this situation.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

growing love

Let me count the things I love: art, music, rocks, skies, wind, breath, kindness, eyes, voice, touch, sounds, flowers, cats, horses, dogs… and so much more. I am making an ongoing list of the things I love. Every day I add more to the list. And every day my heart opens and connects more deeply with life. Every day I remember, discover, and uncover more of what I love. It's possible to grow love, to build love, to unfold love and to radiate love through all circumstances.


I am love through all experience. I radiate love through all relationships. I feel love in all circumstances. I am love.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

being in this moment is a gift

I am working on seeing the gift in this present moment. There is always something I can appreciate and be grateful for. Keeping focused on the gifts of this moment frees me from the sticky and prickly feelings that come up. Egocentric thinking is at the core of the sticky, prickly experience. Gratitude opens my eyes to the world beyond I/Me/My and leads me to embrace the larger picture: beauty and love are present here and now.


I gratefully embrace this present moment and my heart lovingly embraces the world.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Its easy to feel positive when things are going well. But when appearances speak of darkness, then despair can well up and blot out the light of the inner sun. Remember that the Sun is always shining, even when clouds obscure it.


Radiant sunshine is burning away all clouds and doubts, restoring my positive point of view.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

creating and solving challenges

Creating and Solving Challenges

Feelings often create our experience of a challenge as a problem!  Turning away from a challenge, covering it over, ignoring it, all lead to increased stress and problems. Begin by writing about the challenge.  As you write it down, you make it objective. Then it is possible to see your emotional investment in or attachment to it.  This awareness can reveal the truth about the problem. Recognizing your feelings, defining them, then setting them aside momentarily while working through the issue, will enable you to tap your inner genius, resulting in excellent solutions to the challenge at hand.

Spirit reveals the truth about this situation, and points to a clear path of effective action and perfect results.