Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Clearing the way for new things, events, experiences and patterns adds up to creating a new reality.  I’m ready for clearing!  Clearing opens me to being present to the feelings, things and patterns in this moment.  I clear my physical space by giving away and throwing out what I don’t use or need. I also clear the dust and dirt away to let the sun shine in.  I clear my emotional space of heavy loads of unresolved feelings, identify and then release them.  I clear with others and I clear alone.  Visualization, journaling and smudging are all supports in this process. I clear my mental space by writing things down. My to do list is an important part of staying mentally clear.  The less I have to hold on to mentally by committing it to paper, the more energy I have and the easier it is to navigate the day


New unexpected events, wonderful people and extraordinary opportunities are now increasing in my life!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


What is hope? Today a dear friend and counselor said hope is pushing your face up against the glass, gazing at what you don’t have.  This surprisingly powerful image calls up the feeling of being on the outside looking in. It speaks of separation and disempowerment.  Looking at it this way, hope isn’t so attractive! So I’m experimenting replacing hope with certainty. I am certain that this is my destiny. I embrace the fullness of life, I am in the middle of that fullness, embracing and celebrating it now.


I powerfully claim and celebrate success, joy and wildly abundant fruits of creation for myself and everyone around me!