Thursday, September 22, 2011


 My shadow reveals the ways in which I’ve defined and limited myself. I’m grateful for shadows as much as I’m grateful for sunshine. Shadows help define experiences, provide depth and provide contrast to and greater appreciation for the Light.  But when I’m living in my shadow, I become stubborn, fixed and unreceptive.  Today I’m committing to remembering to send myself a ray of clear white light the next time I’m sitting in shadows.


My heart is open to pure love; my mind is open to clear Light.

Monday, September 12, 2011


New ideas carry me off to thoughts of exciting new adventures on distant shores. They lift me up, help me forget the drudgery of daily life and promise an adjustment to my inner compass. Getting over the excitement of a new idea,  sobering reality eases into view. And when I come back down to earth, this place here and now, space is opened to discover adventures possible in my current time and place. 
So in making a decision I ask myself do I go for the new and exciting direction? Do I stay put and continue (slog) on? Where is change needed? In my consciousness? In my physical reality? Finally I remember the outer and inner do become one and the same.  There is no need to hurry. Change is happening now.

Change unfolds from the depths of my self and through all parts of my body and world.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

welcome home

It was a wonderful adventure.  And now I’m home. A dear friend sent welcome home flowers. The gift astonished me and deepened my joy and appreciation for being home.  I am grateful to be back with familiar things and faces.

Maybe you’re in a “permanent” (what’s permanent anyway?!) home. Or maybe you’re in transition. Are you staying with a friend, living on the beach or in a car?  Consider that home is where you are right now.  Create the place you’re inhabiting as home by letting your aura fill the space. Visualize your beautiful aura, filled with crystal clear light and edged with rainbows, extend into every room, every corner and closet of the space you’re in.  Exhale and let your friendly and loving energy fill the space.  Let your aura open up like so many windows opening to let your inner sun shine out into the space around you. Know that your energies greet you and everyone who enters with bright love.

The light radiant sun within shines bright through me.