Monday, October 31, 2011


When difficulties loom, when moods turn into broods and the sun doesn’t shine, I lean into community. I remember to reconnect with friends and family for support. A powerful tool I'm ready to use again is a “prosperity buddy” – a friendship with someone who also wants to prosper. Set a time daily, or weekly, when you meet – over the phone or in person – to share your goals, and affirmations. Be available to each other when the going gets tough.  One rule – no criticism or judgments allowed, only loving acceptance! Remember they are perfect just as they are. Reach out for support when you flounder. Be supportive when your buddy reaches out. Build prosperity together!
I am grateful for supportive relationships and I am a supportive friend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011



some clips from the book Patch Adams MD:
"Burnout is a state in which ... people are insufficiently rejuvenated. They find themselves giving too much for too long; then something snuffs out the joy and thrill of helping others." "An imbalance between work and personal time can foster burnout. Consistently overextending oneself because of perceived responsibility can devastate a person's private life. Belief in indispensability is a surefire path to burnout. Ideally a healer should practice in an interdependent group of close friends who nurture one another, take breaks when necessary and collaborate with similar practitioners." ...friendship, love, mutuality, caring and fun... are bedrocks to sustainable practice.
Today I share playtime and laughter and joyous love fills me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

prosper through solving challenges

Feelings often create our experience of a challenge as a problem.  Turning away from a challenge, covering it over or ignoring it, all lead to increased stress and problems. Today offers the opportunity to guide yourself out of old limiting feelings.  Begin by writing about the challenge.  As you write it down, you make it objective. Then it is possible to see your emotional investment in or attachment to it.  This awareness can reveal the truth about the problem. Recognizing your feelings, defining them, then setting them aside momentarily while working through the issue, will enable you to tap your inner genius, resulting in excellent solutions to the challenge at hand.

Spirit reveals the truth about this situation, and points to a clear path of effective action and perfect results.