Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the wheel

Always turning, the wheel of life is ever in motion. Everything and everyone is part of cosmic motion and so in a perpetual state of change. When I lock on to something or someone I particularly like, it’s easy to forget about change. I want what I like to stay as it is so that I can enjoy it forever. And then I remember: everything changes, and nothing remains the same. So this moment I am opening my heart to change. I am trusting that new forms are good and fulfilling. The new forms appearing in my path are supporting my growth and full realization of love.
With open arms I welcome change and know that change is good.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Life is infinitely abundant. When I block the flow life feels limited. When I acknowledge the infinite abundance that is life, then I experience living in great abundance.
Ways I block the flow: worrying, making up stories about people before finding out what they’re up to, blaming, expecting easy answers, creating complicated answers, fearing, not using what I have, shrinking myself, separating myself from people and nature, doubting, making up a story that my needs aren’t being met and not caring for my body.
I now embrace the infinite abundance that is Life!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today I am practicing gratitude. I invite you to join me in this reflective and stream of consciousness practice. 
I am grateful for every person who shows up. Maybe I don’t like every single person, and that’s okay. I am grateful for what they help me learn -- that kindness is for everyone; that love is for everyone and stretching into love is a learning I’m embracing. I am grateful for keeping my heart open and discovering that people are complex packages that can be filled with interesting surprises.  I am grateful for small changes. I am grateful for remembering what’s important in the midst of challenging big changes.  I am grateful for dreams. I am grateful for quiet moments. I am grateful for noise. I am grateful for hunger and I am grateful for fullness. For each and every leaf that falls from the trees I am grateful, and I am grateful for the rain beating on my roof. I am grateful for my hands that enable me to type out this message. I am grateful for every set of eyes that reads it, especially yours. I am grateful for breathing, stretching and sweating. I am grateful for the cold air, I am grateful for warmth. I am grateful for the hours, those that race by and those that stretch. I am continuing gratitude practice throughout this day.
With gratitude I embrace this and every moment and peace fills me.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


No one is holding me back but myself. Do I believe in myself enough to give myself permission to follow my dreams? Cause no one else is going to give me permission. No one else will encourage and support me the way I can. I am befriending my inner critic, embracing him and give him a seat on the sidelines. I am laughing at my humanness.  My higher vision is given the front and center seat.  And I am courageously and gratefully inviting people into my life who are supporting my vision and holding me accountable for living my dreams!

All of me is committed to living my dreams now!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

in the river

Standing in the river of life I am facing downstream, reflecting on my past. Now I turn and am looking upstream at the flow of energies to come.

Looking back, I see free flowing water and places where the water is blocked. The blocks are preventing my history from flowing freely away from me. So I consider the energy surge I will feel through releasing frustration, anger and any other stuck energy. I let it go. I give it to the Light, and give myself unconditional love.

I am looking upstream. In some places the water rushes vigorously. And in other places the oncoming waters of life flow so gently, so slowly. I embrace all of it with love and gratitude.


The river of life supports me perfectly now!