Monday, July 22, 2013


Without trust it is very difficult to move forward! Fearing worst outcomes dissolves trust.
Trust can grow by surrendering to the truth " I am being supported by a rich and generous Mother-Father God.Peace and joy increase through letting go of stipulations and requirements I’ve put on life. For instance “in order to be successful, my life would have to look this way” or “ to be really happy I need this and that to happen”. Trusting that Life can and does bring what I need now frees me to enter the joy of being.
I am now lovingly sustained and lavishly supported by rich and generous cosmic parents.

Monday, July 8, 2013

bring love to it

When something in your life feels negative or stuck, bring love to it. In a relationship in which a misunderstanding has occurred? Bring love to it! In a job that feels like drudgery? Bring love to it. In every situation we can find something to appreciate and love. Take a moment and write down five things you appreciate about a situation in your life that appears less than perfect. Use the following affirmation to build positive feelings. Your positive emotions heal and transform your experience.
Joy grows and goodness now flows through (this situation)  ___________________today.