Wednesday, January 27, 2016



When pushing to accomplish something, we often bump into challenges and hurdles that are difficult to see past.  When our goals are not realized it’s easy to become frustrated and discouraged.  Take a moment to step back and see the larger picture. What is the true core of your goal? Define this and let go of details. Consider surrendering to the inevitability of the realization of your core goal. Surrendering might include not pushing, not forcing, letting go of trying to manipulate elements that are outside of your control.  Hold fast to the vision of fulfillment, and then open up to new ways of seeing your goal fulfilled.

Life is constantly surprising me with new possibilities !

Saturday, January 23, 2016

prosper by being in the moment

When thoughts stray, feelings well up around those stray thoughts, feelings that can lead you astray. Keep yourself in a flow of prosperity by keeping yourself in the present moment. There is abundance present here and now. What you have imagined and are developing is good. Ideas are good. Increased prosperity grows out of ideas combined with action.  Your ideas are growing. Trust yourself to take the right actions for best outcomes!


With mind open and heart free new ways of thinking are opening to me.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


When motivation is not present be still. Exhale. Tune out the world, media, TV, radio; even tune out music.
Focus on Light. See yourself as a globe of bright light. Breathe into the light and then exhale the light. Breathe into the Light again and hold the Light. As your breathing returns to a natural rhythm hold the Light in your mind and body.
You are a sun. You are here to shine your light. Your light shines through your smile, through kindness, through creative expression and through service.


Light fills me now!

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Become conscious of what you are thinking and you will become more aware of your intuition, for intuition is always threading through our thoughts. Sometimes intuition manifests as a sense of anticipation.  We might anticipate a specific event, or we might experience a generalized sense of coming changes. Sometimes we are afraid of the changes we sense coming. We don’t now how they will fit into our lives or how we can prosper and be fulfilled through these changes.  Then, we might feel anxious when thinking of the changes to come. At these times, being present to the possibility of change, while at the same time having faith that the approaching change has good in it, frees us from fear and anxiety.

Divine intuition is guiding me to inspired actions with perfect results!

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Begin to think of your intuition as a friendly genie that has your back. Your invisible genie is whispering suggestions and ideas to you throughout the day. But you are so distracted and focused on what is right in front of you that either you don’t hear, or you hear only part of the message. It’s common to hear the first part, and then ignore the rest because we don’t believe its possible. Sometimes the genie whispers someone’s name in your ear and you think of them and then move on to other things. And then that person contacts you – sometimes within seconds. Yesterday I sent a friend a message, and I received a message from that person just after I pressed the send button.  This happens with phone calls, running into people on the street, and it also happens through dreams – I dream about someone and they’re dreaming about me as well. But I don’t know they’re also connecting with me unless I reach out to them and initiate contact.  Next time you think its your imagination causing you to think of someone, consider that it might just be your genie whispering their name, and take a chance and contact them.  How does this connection stuff happen? It happens because we are all already connected. We don’t have to create a connection – it’s already there. We are all living in a wondrous web of life – an energy field that is like a 3-D web made of what looks like etheric fiber optic threads – light lines that radiate from one being to another like lovely illumined spider webs.  So take the time and attention to listen to the whispering genie. Then take a chance and act on the intuitions your genie is whispering to you. You might find that not only do the connections prove quite real, but that increased opportunities for positive outcomes will unfold as you listen and act on the intuitive prompts your inner self is offering.