Sunday, February 14, 2016

expect wonderful things

Stand up, open up your arms and welcome in your good. Hold your arms up as you say:
I welcome my good now! 

See what you long for walking in the door. See it complete and fully realized. See it fitting into your life easily and fluidly. Feel the rightness of it.  Keep your arms up, forming a V to funnel in your good fortune. Keep eyes closed for one full minute as you visualize your good coming right into your arms.  You can repeat the affirmation for the full minute and with each repetition accentuate a different word.


My good is here now!

Monday, February 1, 2016

give yourself a break and prosper!

Often times we suffer under the pressures of measuring up and producing.  Then our energies lag and prosperity feels distant.  Give yourself the gift of a break from the usual and focus on things that have nothing to do with goals or deadlines.  Gift yourself five minutes to dip into the deep well of imagination for refreshment.  Imagine yourself on vacation - on a carousel or swimming in a clear clean lake, or stopping at a lovely café for a cappuccino – any activity that is relaxing and enjoyable.   Luxuriate in the peaceful feelings.


Perfect rhythm is present in my life!