Sunday, January 29, 2017


Reconnect with whats important. Revisit your bottom line. Review your goals. Are your goals relevant to who you are today and where you are going?  What is important to you now? Consider resetting your goals statement to reflect your current experience. 

I am Light on earth!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

through connection we thrive

Let us not fall into the trap of walling ourselves off from others - easy to do in our current media culture that promotes virtual reality. The TV, cell phone, video games, and other media offer many opportunities to become isolated. Let us not wait for others to engage us, but rather let us become engagers, thus creating connection and increased energy flow for all.
What can you do today to practice connection with others? Some possibilities:
- Meet a friend in person to talk
- Take a walk and be open to casual conversations
- Volunteer at a shelter or food kitchen
- Invite friends to play games in person
- Go to the library and take a moment to engage in positive conversation


Connecting with others opens the gates of prosperity!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

giving is the way

Giving is a royal road to prosperity. In giving we become channels for the limitless substance of Life.  In giving we place ourselves in the abounding river of Life and experience it up close and personal.
Give through opening the heart and smiling at people you know and don’t know.
Give through giving your time to someone who needs help.
Give through sharing money or food or things with someone in need.
Give through meditating on Healing Light and radiating it into the world.


Freely and joyously I give and receive!