Sunday, May 27, 2018

winds of fate

The winds of fate are always blowing. Sometimes those winds blow hard, and other times they are so soft they’re almost not there. They blow in seeds of things we want to grow in our garden, in our lives. Other times the seeds that show up produce results we do want in our lives.  So dig down to those unwanted roots and pull them out. Then, with clear intention, call in and plant what you want to experience.


Prosperity abounds now!

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Become conscious of what you are thinking and you’ll become more aware of your intuition, for intuition is always threading through our thoughts. Sometimes intuition manifests as a sense of anticipation.  We might anticipate a specific event, or we might experience a generalized sense of coming changes. Sometimes we are afraid of the changes we sense coming. We don’t now how they will fit into our lives or how we can prosper and be fulfilled through these changes.  Then, we might feel anxious when thinking of the changes to come. At these times, being present to the possibility of change, while at the same time having faith that the approaching change has good in it, frees us from fear and anxiety.


Divine intuition is guiding me to inspired actions with perfect results!

Saturday, May 12, 2018


When stress levels are high, take walks in nature and step back into theta brain waves – a relaxed state in which your mind free-associates. The earth vibrates at this rate, so walking in nature will slow your analytical thinking and bring you into a meditative state in which your creative mind is freed and you can hear your inner genie.


I am in tune with Life!